Our first Red Cross Outreach Day for this year happened on the 11th May 2023. We arranged for our Cerebral Palsy children, their seating devices and their parents to be transported to Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

The children are seen to by a doctor to assess their medication to see if any changes are needed. They are also assessed by the seating clinic where they adjust the children’s buggies and wheelchairs as needed. This Outreach program happens twice a year and we are really grateful for the block booking to help the children of Sinethemba and ensure that their needs are met.

A special thanks must go to Tool Hire and Sales in Fish Hoek who supply us with a trailer at no cost for each of these trips. We are so grateful for this assistance as it can be quite difficult to get all the equipment through to the hospital. We would also like to thank Dlamini transport who assisted us with a driver and quantum to transport the children and their parents to Red Cross. Without the assistance of these two businesses, the day would have been much more challenging.