On the 28th March 2018, the children of Sinethemba had a Easter Egg hunt at school thanks to a wonderful donation of eggs from Maureen Carney and the Bergvliet Methodist Church.  Each child made their way around the centre’s garden looking for a special egg for them.  The children were so excited and had so much fun doing this.

IMG-20180328-WA0028  IMG-20180328-WA0049 IMG-20180328-WA0052 IMG-20180328-WA0057 IMG-20180328-WA0062 IMG-20180328-WA0065 IMG-20180328-WA0070 IMG-20180328-WA0079

IMG-20180328-WA0002 IMG-20180328-WA0003IMG-20180328-WA0013 IMG-20180328-WA0015 IMG-20180328-WA0022IMG-20180328-WA0029 IMG-20180328-WA0033 IMG-20180328-WA0045 IMG-20180328-WA0042 IMG-20180328-WA0058 IMG-20180328-WA0060IMG-20180328-WA0072 IMG-20180328-WA0077 IMG-20180328-WA0054