We are extremely pleased to confirm that Central Mica, Valyland, and Cape Medical Response have once again partnered to provide emergency medical cover for all our children and staff while they are on school property. The programme also includes on-site cover for visitors to the school during any official school times or events, and learners and staff at any official school events off-site and within CMR’s area of operations.

Jan Uys, the new owner of Central Mica Valyland, who took over from Ron van Til when he retired last year, said “We are extremely pleased to be involved in this very worthwhile community programme. Emergency medical cover is obviously critical for all our schools, and we know that it provides school management and parents with a great deal of comfort to know that CMR’s expert medical assistance is on hand in the event of any medical emergency or medical concern.”

Central Mica have sponsored the Central Mica/CMR School’s Programme continuously since its start in 2004, and the Programme has expanded over the years to where it now covers over 13000 Far South learners and school staff members.

Mr Uys also added, “We also know that school budgets have many demands, and it’s a pleasure to relieve them of the need to find funds for this vital cover.”

Sinethemba is extremely grateful for this sponsorship as it is a vital need for our children.  Thank you Mica and CMR for being there for us.