On the 29th November 2019, the children of Sinethemba put on their end of year concert to show off all that they have learnt throughout the year. This year included songs and an amazing fashion show. The children were so excited to show their friends and family all their new skills.

At the start of the show we were proud to announce that one of our children, Riley Parsons, was graduating and leaving Sinethemba at the end of the year. Riley has reached his full potential at Sinethemba at was accepted at Bhongelethu Foundation. We are very proud of him and wish him all the best at his new school.

One of our parents, Caleb Makore, is a writer and wrote a beautiful poem about Sinethemba which he read out at the show. We are so proud to share in all our children and parents talents.

Caleb Makore with his son Kudawashe.

This was followed by the children singing which could be heard all through the centre and filled it with so much joy. The fashion show followed and once this was finished, the children had a visit from Father Christmas who brought each of the children a beautiful present. This was truly a highlight for each and everyone of the children.

We are extremely proud to say that we have some amazing supporters who helped us to put this day together. Firstly a huge thank you to The Fish Hoek Lions club who organised the presents for the children and gave each staff member a delicious fruit cake to thank them for their hard work. Thank you to Sven van Ewijk for playing the part of Father Christmas. Thank you to Kyle Koumbatis for the amazing photos. Thank you to Pop Inn in Ocean View and Pick ‘n Pay Longbeach for supplying the beautiful snacks for the morning. We truly appreciate all the support that you have all given us over the years.