I cannot draw a straight line like you
But even if mine is skew
It's okay because deep down, I am cool.

Yes, I have special needs,
but aren't we all special?
At least that's what my Maker says.

I am not trying to be naughty
Please take note
I am just but trying to co-exist
Yes, my life is a bit different
But please don't show me the exit.

Yes, I might be slower, I may not run as fast
My voice may be silent and I cannot communicate as good
My vision might be limited and I cannot separate grey from blue
But that doesn't mean I am destined to doom.
You don't have to zoom, to see the good in me.

Life is not a race but a journey
It's not about comparing capabilities
But spurring abilities.
It's not about perfection but accepting
That we all have different realities.

Yes, I have challenges,
Yes, I am different, but aren't we all?

Now you have a glimpse, inside my world!

By Caleb Makore