Sinethemba Special Care Centre

Sinethemba Special Care Centre

Fish Hoek – Kommetjie – Noordoek Welfare Association’s main project is Sinethemba Special Care Centre. Sinethemba is a day care facility that focus on children with severe and profound special needs. We have children with Autism, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy to name a few. This is a day care centre where we collect the children in the mornings and take them home in the afternoons. Sinethemba’s focus is on assisting the children in becoming as independent as they possibly can and if at all possible, integrating children into a mainstream school environment, when a child is independent and has the intellectual capacity. Sinethemba has an average of three children annually who are integrated into the mainstream school environment. For those children who have severe and profound special needs we aim to keep as comfortable as possible with daily stimulation programmes offered by our carers and therapists. This service enables the parents to go out and work resting assured that there children are being taken care off.

Sinethemba believes in a holistic approach with various professionals involved with the care of the children ie. Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist as well as Language Therapy. These professionals work closely with the children’s carers and the Principal of Sinethemba Special Care Centre. Each child has his/her own intervention plan with its own goals compiled according to the child’s assessment of his or her needs and potential. Quarterly Team discussions are held with all the professionals during which each child’s intervention plan is discussed and whether goals set are being reached, if not, the reason is identified and the intervention plan is adapted.

Sinethemba also make use of the services of the Association’s Social Auxiliary worker and Community Development worker. These workers focus on assisting families and individuals with special needs whether it is through counselling, advocacy or grant applications.

Sinethemba offers:

• Day care for children with severe and profound special needs

• Creative stimulation programmes

• Transference of care skills

• Various Therapies ie Occupational therapy

• Parent Support

• Public Education towards Inclusion

• Counseling

• Community Outreach