Sinethemba’s Wish List

Sinethemba’s Wish List



Due to the recent break in’s at the centre, we have had to push security to the top of our Wish list.  We are in great need of support to pay for security camera’s and some retractable burglar bars for the classroom windows.

We are also looking for assistance with the water well which we are going ahead with to assist with the current drought situation.

• Sensory toys such as rattles, play dough, bubbles, balloons, fury things, sandpaper, different textures, tiny torches, mirrors.
• Bags of sand for the sand pit
• Pretend play toys like little brooms and pans, baby accessories i.e. bottle, bib, nappy, tea sets etc.
• Simple puzzles: 2 to 10 pieces interlocking, form or shape board puzzles, 10 to 60 piece puzzles for the adult group. Wooden and foam puzzles.
• Playdough accessories (cookie cutters, rolling pins, plastic scissors, pastry cutters etc)
• Etch a Sketches
• Shaving Cream
• Large colourful beads with shoelaces or pipe cleaners
• Matching and sorting toys (age 3year age level)
• Balloons
• Children’s DVD’s
• CD’s (Classical and dance)
• Aprons for children
• Simple shape sorters.
• Plastic containers or drawers to keep toys in.
• Shelves for class to display toys or books on.
• Large pump for physio balls
• Stationary for children (Pre-school type)
• Pop up tents (small play tents for the children)
• Pop up tunnels for obstacle class.
• Raised water table for water play
• White “wood” glue / Elmers glue
• Rolls of paper for painting on
• Large paint brushes
• Large poster paint bottles for us to decant into smaller containers.
• Ketchup / Mustard type squeeze bottles for paint.
• Soccer net
• Adult nappies
• Toiletries ie. Wet wipes, deodorant, soap, tooth paste, body cream, Vaseline, toilet sprays
• 20 single fitted sheets – yellow if possible.
• Towels – dark colours like dark blue.
• 8 single bed “sponge” mattresses
• 4 x Commodes for young CP children
• Materials to make homemade commodes:
o Plastic chairs with arms and bucket with lid. This is for children who are being potty trained at school but this is not being carried over at home because it is difficult to get the child to the communal toilet, so the child stays in nappies unnecessarily.
• Sun Umbrella’s x 6


• Pots
• Cooking utensils
• 50 plastic bowls for lunch time
• 50 plastic spoons for children
• Dish towels


• Cleaning materials eg. Dettol Spray for cleaning surfaces and changing tables.

Administration, Electrical, Building and outside
• Uncapped Wi-fi
• Rechargeable batteries
• CD Player
• Camera
• Data Projector
• Filing cabinets – 4 draw and a standing cabinet
• Office stationary ie black pens, files, dividers, plastic sleeves, prestick, glue, staples etc
• Flooring for office and some classrooms
• Towbar and trailer
• Weed Eater

For the Adult project:

• Toiletries ie. Wet wipes, deodorant, soap, tooth paste, body cream, Vaseline, toilet sprays
• Tables and chairs
• Baking and cooking equipment
• Beading equipment
• Gardening equipment
• Cooking bowls
• Fabric paint
• Paint brushes
• Glue