Health Care

Health Care

Health Care is an integral service offered by Sinethemba Special Care Centre. Apart from creative stimulative programmes the Centre also offers therapy to the children. Each child has an individual intervention plan with specific goals according to his or her potential and diagnosis. Sinethemba is in the privileged position of having a Occupational Therapist at the Centre three days a week.

Interdisciplinary meetings between the different disciplines involved with the children’s individual intervention plans ie. Carers, Occupational Therapist, CEO, Auxilary Social Worker and the Community worker, are arranged on a quarterly basis. During these meetings each child’s individual plan is discussed and assessed, if goals are not being reached the cause will be investigated and the plan modified.

Red Cross Children’s Hospital also performs a vital service to children with special needs. Children attending Sinethemba have regular appointments at Red Cross Children Hospital’s various specialized Departments for follow up medical appointments and dispensing of chronic medication. Red Cross also conducts community Outreaches twice a year during which we have the opportunity to take Sinethemba children where we have on going concerns with their medication or treatment. During these Outreaches, children from the community, who are not reaching their milestones are identified and included in the Outreach Clinics.

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